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AARO's advanced solutions transformed the way Duni Group handled its financial processes, and enhanced Group Reporting.

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Duni Group is a market leader in sustainable table-setting concepts and food packaging solutions for restaurants, hotels, and homes, promoting unforgettable dining experiences.

Their commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility has driven expansion over 22 countries since its establishment in 1949. Today their recognized brands are sold and marketed
over 40 markets worldwide.

Previously relying on Hyperion for financial reporting and group consolidation, Duni Group faced a challenge when Hyperion discontinued support. This led to the quest for a new, modern solution capable of efficiently managing their complex financial processes.

After scanning the market for a replacement software and evaluating multiple options, Duni chose AARO, due to its user-friendliness, modern features, and intuitive interface.

Astrid Jönsson, Group Accountant at Duni Group, was part of the team when the transition to AARO commenced in 2015. The AARO team worked closely with Duni to ensure a smooth implementation and integration with existing systems, such as SAP.

“AARO has transformed the way we handle our financial processes. The inclusion of the currency translation feature within the system has been a significant improvement. It has greatly assisted us, and our controllers really like it!”

Astrid Jönsson, Group Accountant, Duni Group.

Since the implementation, AARO’s legal aspect, including past equity analysis, has notably improved Duni’s group accounting processes. The enhanced capabilities in financial data analysis, particularly beneficial for accountants and controllers, have been highlighted by Astrid Jönsson. Moreover, AARO’s advanced features, such as currency translation and intercompany matching, have been crucial in navigating multinational financial reporting, especially during challenging times like the pandemic.

Under AARO’s system, Duni has witnessed remarkable improvements in its financial reporting capabilities. The streamlined process of adding, updating, and deleting accounts and companies, along with the swift generation of ad-hoc reports, has transformed Duni’s financial operations. Integrating AARO with Duni’s ERP system has facilitated faster and more accurate data input, eliminating the manual processes of the past.

Access to the latest data in AARO and automated consolidation enables informed decision-making based on precise, up-to-date, financial information.

“AARO has not only provided software; they have been (and still are) a partner in enhancing our financial processes. The time savings and increased reporting accuracy have been significant.”

Astrid Jönsson, Group Accountant, Duni Group.

Duni Group’s successful implementation and utilization of AARO exemplify the software’s adaptability and efficiency in meeting the complex needs of a multinational corporation.

The partnership with AARO continues to evolve, with Duni eagerly anticipating the implementation of newer modules to further enhance its financial processes.


  • Need for a modern financial reporting system following the discontinuation of Hyperion.
  • Requirement for a comprehensive, intuitive, and user-friendly solution to manage complex financial data and group reporting across multiple subsidiaries within an enterprise.


  • AARO implementation for financial reporting and group consolidation.
  • Collaborative efforts with AARO for a seamless transition and integration with existing systems.


  • Streamlined and more efficient financial processes, particularly in data analysis and legal reporting.
  • Enhanced capabilities in currency translation and intercompany matching, critical for multinational financial reporting.
  • Time and cost savings through automated reporting features and reduced manual workload.
  • Improved decision-making capabilities with real-time access to accurate financial data.
  • Effective ongoing collaboration with prompt responses, quick assistance during critical reporting periods, and positive experiences with consultants.