AARO – Your Partner in Group Reporting

Everything your group needs for efficient and transparent group reporting

Complete software, wide range of services, online support, courses in IFRS & AARO.

Your partner in group reporting

Software for group reporting, analysis and follow-up

Services and support within group reporting

Training in IFRS & AARO with AARO Academy


AARO – Your Partner in Group Reporting

Streamlined group reporting, analysis and follow-up

All since the beginning we have been focusing on software and services to support the group reporting processes at groups of all kinds and sizes. Our vision is to make your group consolidation simpler, quicker and more transparent. Today we have more than 15,000 users spread over 140 countries. We are your partner in all aspects of group reporting.

By group reporting we mean:

Group reporting and consolidation

AARO consolidates in real time with full availability 24/7

AARO consolidates all information in real time, without any delays. All users across your organisation will freely be able to prepare analyses and extract reports in the event of changes, such as during the final moments of group closing.

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Some of our customers

The best features of AARO according to our customers

Some of the most popular and valued benefits of AARO which our customers often mention include:

  • AARO is fast and user-friendly.
  • Flexible drilldown- and expand function for analysis of any information, with full transparency right down to the lowest level of detail.
  • Easy to work with cash flow.
  • Easy to work with automatic eliminations.
  • Easy to perform ad hoc analyses in the report generator.

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