AARO Software

AARO is a comprehensive group reporting system for groups in all industries and sizes. The system has been developed and refined for over 30 years. Implementation and maintenance are neither time-consuming nor complicated, which means that you can quickly start taking advantage of all the features.


AARO software is suitable for all groups and has a flexible delivery model

Consolidation in AARO is just as easy no matter whether you have three or a thousand companies. The software is provided as a readymade package, AARO Base Package, that can be used directly, or customised after installation, to meet your company’s needs.

AARO gives you full support in all key Corporate Performance Management processes:

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AARO konsoliderar i realtid

AARO consolidates in real time with full availability 24/7

AARO consolidates all information in real time, without any delays. All users across your organisation will freely be able to prepare analyses and extract reports in the event of changes, such as during the final moments of group closing.

Quality-assured financial close process without any downtime

AARO is available 24/7 to all users and can even be used while consolidation or maintenance is in progress, ensuring a quality-assured financial close process without any downtime.

AARO also makes it easy to continually monitor all operational, financial or non-financial assets within the business. These areas can range from products, production lines, customer segments, business areas, projects, countries and markets, to HR and environmental statistics.

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No more reconciling differences!

Never again will you have to spend time reconciling differences between legal and operational reports and follow-up. The only consolidation that is performed in AARO covers both legal and external group accounting, as well as operational and internal follow-up. You can therefore always be confident that these reports will match.

AARO Base Package – ready for immediate use

AARO is supplied and installed as a readymade platform – the AARO Base Package. This comes with a chart of accounts, consolidation logic and a number of report templates which are ready for use within the group immediately after installation. You can also adapt the base package either yourself or in collaboration with us, to meet your company-specific requirements and wishes.

A basic AARO training course is provided with AARO Academy. After completing this course, you and your users will easily be able to add, edit and delete accounts, reports and logic calculations, create custom reports for company-specific follow-up over and above those which are included, and much more. 

The AARO Base Package includes:

The best features of AARO according to our customers

Some of the most popular and valued benefits of AARO which our customers often mention include*:

  • AARO is fast and user-friendly.
  • Flexible drilldown- and expand function for analysis of any information, with full transparency right down to the lowest level of detail.
  • Easy to work with cash flow.
  • Easy to work with automatic eliminations.
  • Easy to perform ad hoc analyses in the report generator.

"AARO meets all of our expectations and is able to sustain the needs of our company."

Paul Ngunya, Statutory Reporting and Consolidation Officer, I&M Bank


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