AARO Country by Country

AARO Country by Country makes it easy for multinational groups to convert data into XML format to report information to the financial authorities.

A standalone product for easy conversion to XML

We created AARO Country by Country to facilitate the conversion of data into XML format. It is a standalone product that consists of a standardised MS Excel template and an XML generator.

AARO Country by Country
country by country report

How to create an AARO Country by Country report

The inputting of your data is made easily and flexible. Either you do it manually or by linking from one or more MS Excel sources.

The actual conversion to XML format then takes place automatically when the feed is ready and you click the “Generate XML” button.

What does the report show and why does the data have to be reported?

Since 31 December 2017, any multinational group shall do a country by country report when reporting information to the Swedish Tax Agency and corresponding jurisdictions.

The country by country report presents information for each tax jurisdiction in which the multinational group operates; revenues, profit before income tax, income tax paid and added, number of employees, specified capital, retained earnings and tangible assets.

The statutory requirement is based on OECD and EU directives which require multinational groups with a group turnover of at least SEK 7 billion to allow the tax authorities of different countries to automatically exchange information via the report.


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