The Report Generator - Your everyday tool in AARO!

“AARO offers many advantages that suit us. What we most like is that the integrated report generator gives us full transparency from group level down to our operational levels.”

This is what our customer AFRY says about the report generator.

All of the organisation’s reports are kept in the report generator in AARO. This is where you and your users create your reports, perform ad hoc analyses, group account reconciliations, etc.

All reports are transparent

This means that you can use the functions Drilldown and Expand to delve deeper into a report and study details, without having predefined search criteria. Reports can be created and presented in different ways:

  • Directly in AARO, through the web client.
  • Through our integration with MS Excel.
  • Save MS Excel-generated reports directly in the AARO web client.

You have the option of presenting the reports in various types of diagrams in order to visualise your reports and follow-ups. There are several default reports that are ready to be used from the start. Afterwards you can then create specific reports that correspond to your company’s needs.

transparent rapport

Advantages offered by AARO’s report generator:


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