AARO Connector

There is often a need to be able to work with AARO data in other systems in real time. To enable this we developed AARO Connector – a product that opens the door between AARO and other systems so they can communicate.

Transfer and work with AARO data in other systems

AARO Connector is an add-on product to AARO which we have developed for you who now and then need to analyse AARO data in combination with data that is not stored in AARO.

View and work with AARO figures in, for example, your budgeting or forecasting solution or other BI tool – in real time at all times. AARO Connector can also be used in conjunction with Microsoft Excel and other Office tools, as well as in development environments.

Conncet systems

Secure transfer and current figures at all times

Exports from AARO are based on the same access management that you or another user have in AARO. A user in AARO can also control what data other AARO Connector users have access to view.

With a simple click on the “Update” button, you will be able to view the latest figures at all times, wherever you decide to export them.

Benefits of AARO Connector:

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