KlaraBo rapidly acquires and implements AARO SaaS group consolidation system as it buys and sells new companies.

Founded in 2016 and based in Malmö, Sweden, KlaraBo builds, owns and manages housing properties across the country by acquiring land to create affordable housing options in growth regions.

Prior to AARO SaaS introduction and implementation, the company used Excel to perform group consolidation. However, when KlaraBo began to rapidly buy and sell companies, it became more and more difficult to report without an actual system. AARO was the first choice for key decision makers at KlaraBo.

KlaraBo initially contacted us at AARO at the end of April. The company needed an efficient and complete AARO implementation within a few short weeks – in time for second quarter closings.

To accommodate this tight timeline, AARO consultants worked closely with the KlaraBo team to pre-schedule specific times when the consultant would be physically on-site. As a result, the project was completed on schedule, and the team was able to successfully go live by the beginning of June.

“I already knew AARO SaaS would be a benefit compared to Excel, but I was very happy that we were able to perform the implementation so quickly.”

Elin Ek Carlqvist, Head of Finance, KlaraBo

Elin Ek Carlqvist, Head of Finance at KlaraBo, was involved in the decision to choose AARO and is also an end-to-end AARO user, today. “The AARO SaaS web interface makes it easier to get reports. It is also easier to change income statement reports, periods and companies, and we have a shorter process for making temporary changes in this newer version.” she remarks.

In the past, end-users had a hard time assessing and keeping track of what needed to be done while also guaranteeing the accuracy of important data. Today, KlaraBo personnel enjoy easier account and company additions, updates and deletions in AARO.

In addition, creating ad hoc reports is a breeze – figures and periods are easily updated and companies can be adjusted individually or en masse in order to create test scenarios.

“AARO SaaS makes it easier to get reports, because of its web interface. It is also easier to change income statement reports, periods and companies and we have a shorter process for making temporary changes in this newer version.”

Elin Ek Carlqvist, Head of Finance, KlaraBo

Before, numbers had to be manually input into Excel for each company, every quarter. Now, staff can upload a text file from the ERP system and the correct numbers are automatically applied to the appropriate account.



  • Excel no longer adequately met the needs of an expanding organization.
  • Time consuming manual figure-loading process.
  • Difficult data validation, tracking and follow-up.
  • Tight implementation timeline due to dire need for a new group consolidation solution.


  • AARO SaaS streamlined group consolidation activities previously performed in Excel.
  • AARO consultants provided a speedy implementation to accommodate acquisition of several companies at the same time.


  • Easier account and company addition, update and deletion, and faster ad hoc report generation.
  • Changing reports, updating periods and creating test scenarios are now a breeze.
  • Leadership now gets a solid overview of the numbers due to dynamic dashboards and reports.
  • Faster figure loading straight from the ERP system.


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