About AARO

AARO was founded with the vision of making consolidation in both larger and smaller groups simpler, faster, and more transparent. After developing and refining our product for over 30 years, we now offer a complete system that covers the needs of group reporting, group accounting, consolidation, and analysis work.

Choose AARO for a seamless and secure group reporting process

Leading supplier of Group Reporting systems

For a number of years, AARO has been the leading group reporting system supplier to the Swedish market. Our clients represent a wide range of industries, with varying reporting and follow-up needs.

On Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap, 30% of the companies are using AARO today, and also on Mid Cap, 30% of the companies are AARO users.

AARO is a self-financed, privately owned company that today has 150 employees in Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, Kalix, Riga, Nairobi and Dubai.

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AARO Base Package

In 2005, the AARO software was complemented by what we now call AARO Base Package – a set of accounts that covers the needs of most clients and enables simple and fast implementation. Naturally, AARO Base Package can be supplemented and adapted to your particular needs and wishes.

The current AARO version, AARO24, was released for implementation in early February 2023. Book your upgrade already, or contact us for more information.

Client driven development

We embrace client driven development, and has over the years built up a reputation for adaptability to its clients’ needs.

Close cooperation, and development projects together with some of the biggest groups in Scandinavia have contributed to the growth of an organisation well equipped to meet market needs both in and outside Sweden.