About AARO

Since its inception, AARO has aimed to refine Financial Consolidation and Reporting for all organization sizes. With over three decades of innovation and expertise, we offer advanced Corporate Performance Management software, including Financial Planning and Analysis tools for thorough Financial Consolidation, Group Reporting, and and in-depth Financial Intelligence.

Streamlined financial consolidation and reporting, analysis and follow-up

Leading Provider of CPM Solutions

Throughout the years, AARO has established itself as a premier provider of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Financial Consolidation Software, particularly renowned within the Swedish market and beyond. Our diverse clientele spans numerous sectors, each with unique needs for Consolidated Financial Reporting, Financial Statement Preparation, and Strategic Financial Analysis.
Notably, on the Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap, 30% of listed companies currently rely on AARO for their Financial Reporting and Consolidation needs, a testament to our solution’s reliability and efficiency. This adoption rate is mirrored in the Mid Cap segment, underscoring our widespread acceptance.
As a self-financed, independently owned entity, AARO boasts a dedicated team of 150 professionals across Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, Kalix, Riga, Nairobi, and Dubai, committed to delivering excellence in Corporate Performance Management.
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AARO Base Package

In 2005, AARO introduced the AARO Base Package, our plug-and-play suite of accounts designed to meet a broad array of client needs, streamlining swift and efficient financial consolidation and reporting implementation.

The AARO Base Package acts as a foundational Consolidation Software, ready to be customized and expanded to align precisely with your specific group reporting and financial close requirements and preferences.

Our latest release, AARO24, launched in early February 2023, represents the pinnacle of Financial Consolidation Automation. It enables organizations to enhance their group accounting and consolidated financial reporting processes efficiently.

Secure your upgrade now or contact us for more details about our data analytics and financial planning and analysis software.

Customer-focused development excellence

At AARO, our development philosophy centers on a client-driven approach, underscored by our commitment to Financial Intelligence and adaptability to client needs in Consolidation and Reporting. This focus has cemented our reputation over time.

Our collaboration and joint projects with Scandinavia’s leading corporate groups have bolstered our financial reporting and corporate performance management software capabilities.

This enables us to meet the demands of consolidated financial statement preparation globally. Our ongoing dedication ensures AARO’s leadership in financial software for multi-entity organizations, poised to tackle IFRS 16 compliance challenges and beyond.