AARO Disclosure

Export AARO reports to MS Word or MS PowerPoint, which can then be updated with a single click, time after time, in your presentation.

Up-to-date figures in MS Word and MS PowerPoint, directly from AARO

AARO Disclosure is a powerful extension of AARO that simplifies the transfer of data from AARO to MS Word and MS PowerPoint, where you then create a dynamic and engaging presentation.

You can export a single report or entire report packages. Parameters such as company, region, currency, etc. are automatically included. You can also export tabular reports and charts from Reports and then structure the data in different tables and charts, or as figures in running text, and then format them as you like.

During the presentation, you can reload the numbers repeatedly with the push of a button, so current data is always displayed.

AARO disclosure system

Notes and references are not forgotten!

You can link figures in body text to amounts in tables, as is common in interim or annual reports, for example. These figures can then easily be updated in MS Word and MS PowerPoint, via the connection with AARO.

This means you never have to worry about a note or reference being incorrect after an update in AARO.

Benefits of AARO Disclosure:

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