AARO Integrator

AARO Integrator speeds up your group’s process of preparing reports and closing. A simple, secure and timesaving import of data into AARO, without any detours.

Is your group data spread across multiple ERP systems amongst your subsidiaries?

It is not unusual to have data located across a number of ERP installations within a group. Although responsible subsidiaries know when and where to report, a lot of extra work often has to be done at each closing to ensure that the right data is obtained from different sources.

Using AARO Integrator, you can collect the data in a single step and reduce not only waiting times, but also the risk of the wrong data being submitted.

AARO integrator
AARO integrator system

AARO Integrator does not make mistakes

Integrator does not make mistakes, so you don’t have to go back to the reporting subsidiaries and ask them whether they submitted the right data. You can rely on the integrator to load exactly what you asked for.

We have customers who load data from a wide range of different ERP systems. These include VISMA, Navision, Hogia, Agresso, NetSuite, SAP and MS Dynamics, to mention just a few.

Schedule automatic imports or semi-automatic input

Retrieving data with AARO Integrator facilitates greater control and security and the ability to load data outside office hours. It also eliminates the need for staff to do any of the work.

AARO Integrator also handles mapping, the summarising of accounts, sign reversal, etc., so that all data ends up in the right way and in the right place with every transfer. You determine the mapping and conversion rules you want to use.

aaro intergrator

Benefits of AARO Integrator:


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