Today we have over 15,000 users spread over 140 countries. Our customers are represented in most sectors, with varying reporting- and follow up demands.

Same standard product is installed at our customers, ranging from few local users to global installations with thousands of users. Below some examples of groups that have chosen AARO.


”I already knew AARO SaaS would be a benefit compared to Excel, but I was very happy that we were able to perform the implementation so quickly.”

Elin Ek Carlqvist, Head of Finance, KlaraBo


“AARO meets all of our expectations and is able to sustain the needs of our company. The system is fast – you input numbers and the resulting figures are calculated immediately.”

Paul Ngunya, Statutory Reporting and Consolidation Officer, I&M Bank


“AARO fits Sneakersnstuffs business processes very well. We wouldn’t be able to keep everything together without it.”

Nils Larsson, Controller, Sneakersnstuff


“When preparing financial statements, you must prepare reports and make a lot of notes. AARO is now providing the information automatically.”

Kyösti Bergdahl, Development Manager in Finance, DNA


“AARO’s sophisticated acquisition register has been a huge benefit as we’ve acquired and merged companies internally.”

Anders Eriksson, Group Accounting Manager, Cabonline


“We appreciate the user-friendliness of AARO, and that it is easy to administrate, change and complement the system."

Roger Edbom, Head of Accounting & Tax, Clas Ohlson

“The system lives up to all the expectations we had before purchasing.”


“We have been using AARO for over ten years. Today, it is one of the key systems we use for global financial follow-up. It has many advantages that benefit us."

Pernilla Crusenborg, Director Group accounting, AFRY

“What suits us best is that it gives us full transparency to view details from group level, down to the lowest operational levels, through the integrated report generator.

The ability to easily twist and turn information, together with the close integration with Excel, makes it very simple for us to analyse and present data for the entire organisation within the AFRY Group.”


”We chose AARO because it is a powerful and flexible system that we can grow with."

Christoffer Arvidsson, Head of Group Accounting, Hexatronic Group

“We see lots of potential for it to help our group reporting process become easier and more transparent, which will free up more time for analysis.”


”When choosing a new group reporting system, it was important for us to have a modern and user-friendly system"

Charlotte Hjorth, Koncernredovisningschef, Attendo

“…where we can both follow up on the legal and the external accounting and analyze the operational results. Now that we have gone into production with AARO, my colleagues and I can state that AARO really met our requirements and expectations, especially the drill-down function in AARO makes analyses and reconciliations very smooth. I would also like to mention that the application consultant who operated the implementation project has been a real rock throughout the project.”


“With AARO we always feel secure. We have a quick, flexible closing process and AARO is up and running 24/7, even during system maintenance."

Andreas Engdahl, Head of Business Control, Coor Service Management

“Since introducing AARO we have cut leadtimes. Today our group accounts are matched and ready in 3-4 hours, compared to 2-3 days previously. That is valuable time which today we can instead spend on analysis.

What I like best about AARO is that I see the entire group consolidated and eliminated down to the base follow-up level, all in one place, and there are never discrepancies between the legal and operational reporting and follow-up. It is an all-in standard system that in addition can be adapted to our demands and wishes.”


“Switching to AARO has really helped us.”

Kristina Ekblad, Ekonomichef, MedCap

”We came from Excel. And when you don’t have a proper consolidated accounting system, it takes up all your time. When you’re trapped in Excel, you lose all control – you can’t compare numbers, formulas break, no audit trail, etc. So, switching to AARO has really helped us.”


“In the closing process, it is highly appreciated that the monthly package is completed without having to spend a lot of time on it."

Marianne Sällberg, Redovisningschef, Garo

“Analysis can be done with the Retrieve Excel function, and then it is easy to run a report and see how it looks: it’s very accessible.

The simplicity of the regular monthly reports are one of the great benefits of AARO. And that we have everything collected and documented, it is really adaptable.”


”Some things we think are good about AARO are that it is a powerful consolidation tool with minimal waiting time"

Emelie Fröling, Redovisningschef, Ahlmarks

“In the AARO Web client you can easily collect information such as reporting-in times and the accounting handbook. The information is thereby made easy to access for the accountants in our subsidiaries.

It suits us excellently that AARO is so flexible that it can be adapted for each activity by having several report packages in the same period. In addition to reporting in the AARO Web Client, we can easily collect information such as reporting times and financial handbook.

Last but not least, we consider that the consultants are extremely skilled at group accounting, which has several times given us higher quality, during upgrading for example. It is an opportunity to correct things which have not been corrected earlier. AARO is also easy to install and start-up when there are new employees or when the computer has been changed.”


”It is really easy to get a good overview of all the subsidiaries’ financials at once"

Matilda Olsson, Ekonomichef, SLP, Swedish Logistics Property

“…through various reports in AARO. This is appreciated by us, as well as by our auditors. Also, we make several acquisitions per year, and therefore appreciate how easy it is to grow with AARO and add new subsidiaries.”


"Today, a "normal" monthly financial statement, including reconciliation, takes about 4 hours"

Ronny Gustavsson, Senior Group Controller, Addnode Group AB

“We began with a basic reporting package designed to handle primary steps in group reporting. Since the system is easy to maintain and develop, we have successively added our own forms and reports.

Today, a “normal” monthly closing including checking takes about four hours. The entire operational reporting therefore takes a few minutes to retrieve into Excel, and time can be devoted to analysing results and to commenting.”


“The AARO function we value the most is drilldown. The possibility to “twist and turn” all figures."

Adela Colakovic, Group Accounting & Consolidation Manager, ice group

“It is relatively easy to spot differences and see where they come from, because you can analyse down to the lowest level of all components. Very flexible. It is also very good at taking care of all the eliminations, so that it’s the most simple thing in the entire accounting process nowadays.

Compared to Excel, AARO handles all conversions itself, and then you get nice reports that you can compare, and check across different periods. It is also a great advantage that all conversions are managed automatically. When I’m balancing the books, I feel confident that all the data is correct. I can definitely recommend AARO.”