We develop the competence of your employees!

Are you looking to develop the competence of your employees?

Look no further, AARO Academy offers online practical courses in both general IFRS and the AARO software products, that meet different unique learning needs.

Every month we sprinkle knowledge over both customers and non-AARO users, for direct use in their day-to-day work.
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Training in IFRS for everyone
By working in the business of preparing financial reports, you know for sure that a good basic, or deeper, insight into any IFRS principle is always beneficial in some way – whether it is an IFRS overview training, or a training in a specific IFRS principle. Therefore, we offer several IFRS courses where we teach you how to understand and apply fundamental concepts and principles of IFRS, across a broad range of accounting standards.

Skills in IFRS is something all accountants need, regardless of what financial reporting software you are using. This means you can take advantage of these courses, regardless of if you are using AARO or not.

Training in AARO for AARO users
As an AARO user, you or your staff can benefit from our courses in different ways. We offer basic training for beginners, training in different areas of AARO, or bring deeper knowledge in AARO, for example in the legal logic.

Some good reasons for taking part in an AARO training:

  • Using AARO for the first time? – We provide the basic AARO knowledge required.
  • New employees? – Your staff get the basic knowledge in AARO or competence in new AARO functionalities.
  • A new role for an employee? – We bring competence in how to use unknown or new AARO functionalities or extend basic competence.
  • An employee needs a refresher on AARO functionalities? – We give your personnel a refresh of the usage of your current AARO version, and if you have made an upgrade, we have Delta training for you.

Our vision is to be a competence-enhancing long-term partner in all parts of group reporting, regardless of whether you use AARO or not.

AARO – your Partner in Group Reporting.

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