Training news 2020

New, teacher-led AARO Lease-course

We are now running Lease training courses, throughout 2020. The course is held in Stockholm during a full day and is teacher-led.

It addresses the necessary basics of contract management and some aspects are also examined in greater depth, such as how to follow up and analyse your lease information.

This new course is aimed at anyone who works actively with registration and management of contracts. If you started with AARO Lease in the earliest version, the course is also a good chance for you to refresh you knowledge and learn about new functionality.

AARO Lease Q&A sessions

Welcome to our free of charge, one hour, AARO Lease Q&A sessions. You join us via Microsoft Teams, where you will be able to ask questions about AARO Lease.

The agenda is ”Open Q&A”, i.e. you bring your own list of questions which you would like to raise via Teams. These are then answered live, by our AARO Lease experts. (If a question is too specific to be answered up front in the meeting, it will be forwarded to our consultancy organisation to be handled as a consultancy case.)
View all planned Q&A sessions during 2020, and register, here.

Updated Legal in-depth course

We are pleased to present a new and updated Legal in-depth course. The course has both a new structure and completely new exercises, based on the latest version of AARO.

If you have not completed our previous legal in-depth education for a few years, it’s likely the new course will be valuable for you.

Constantly up-to-date: our basic course in AARO

Our constantly up-to-date basic education (we always work in the latest version of AARO) is a must have for any occasion, for example if you have got new staff members who will work in AARO.

We teach you all the essentials of AARO for two or three full days (day three focuses solely on system administration). We work entirely in AARO21. This is an excellent opportunity to learn AARO’s basic architecture, how to create and analyse reports and much more, whilst you also get to try all the new features in AARO21.

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