AARO Word Reporter – Read in reports from AARO into Word the direct way

Create annual, interim and other reports in a snap, with just a few clicks with AARO Word Reporter. A quick and easy way to structure your information, without detours.

With AARO Word Reporter, you retrieve updated figures from AARO into Word, and there you can enter them in tables or as figures in the body text. You give structure to the figures directly in Word. In the same way as in AARO, you also choose among further parameters such as company, region, currency, etc.

Example of a retrieved report

AARO Word Reporter is a new Toolbox product, an add-on that is shown as an ordinary tab in the Word interface. When you open the tab in Word you can choose which reports you want to read in fully or partly from AARO.

» Read more about AARO Word Reporter here (PDF, opens in a new window).

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