Aaro Systems at the ICPAK fair

In late May, Aaro Systems visited the ICPAK’s (Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya) 31st annual fair in Kenya, together with colleagues and members of the association from our office in Nairobi.

ICPAK is an association of certified public accountants in Kenya. Its task is to coordinate activities and monitor the interests of qualified and certified public accountants. The association works actively to develop and regulate the accountancy profession in Kenya, with the aim of contributing to national economic growth and development.

The fair took place for the 31st year in a row and attracted more than 1600 participants from several countries in Africa.

Aaro East Africa Ltd participated as an exhibitor and did get the opportunity to introduce AARO and meet industry professionals at major companies, the public sector and aid organizations, including the Swedish organisation Diakonia, who runs relief operations in both Kenya and many countries in the world.

During the visit our Chairman of the board Jonas Aaro, together with Aaro East Africa’s Senior salesman Brian Nyongesa, took part in the race Mater Heart Run (10 km/6,21 miles), which is organized every year by the Children’s Hospital Mater Hospital in Kenya, for the benefit of children in need of heart surgery.

In the race, which runs in several major towns in Kenya, both children and adults are participating and the donations have so far (since 1996) helped more than 2 500 children from poor areas in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi and Zambia to get heart surgery.

The Mater Heart Run

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