User conference 2020 – we present the first customer speaker

The first customer speaker at the ”From a customer’s point of view” session is Dometic!

A much appreciated feature at our user conferences is ”From a customer’s point of view” – when a customer talks about how they use AARO services and products.

Carl Larsson

We are happy to present the first customer to share their experiences – Dometic!

We talk with Carl Larsson, Group Financial Controller at Dometic, about his experience of the AARO products and how they are used at Dometic today.

Dometic manufactures and provides innovative and high-quality products for ”Mobile living” on the global market.

Listen to the interview on day two (the 25th November), at 11:00-11:25 (CET).

Carl will also join us for a live Q&A session after the interview.


The sessions ”From a customer’s point of view” give you the opportunity to get an insight of how other groups use and benefit from our AARO services and products. Get inspired!

Register to the conference below. (Closed.)

2020’s edition of our annual user conference is completely online.

It starts 24th November 2020 and extends over a total of nine days during three weeks!

The conference is free of cost and is held in English.

(Registration is closed.)

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