AARO Report Subscription

Automate your report flow and avoid manual tasks. With AARO Report Subscription, you create ongoing subscriptions, which then handles the distribution automatically.

Automate tedious manual report distribution

Reports are widely used within organisations, and needs vary greatly from user to user. Stakeholders within groups include CEOs, management, boards of directors, controllers and reporters. They are mainly produced manually using MS Excel or other reporting tools, and are distributed in various ways within your organisation without any access requirements or checks.

With AARO Report Subscription you to manage both the user rights and distribution frequency, in a neat and orderly fashion.

aaro report subscription

This is how AARO Report Subscription works

Using AARO Report Subscription, an administrator creates the report packages, which are then sent to AARO users according to a predefined subscription.

The subscriptions consist of a link to the report package which is linked to certain users or user groups. The package is emailed at the chosen frequency, e.g. daily, weekly, or monthly. It is also possible to define specific dates or send one or more reports upon request.

Send an access-based link or open file

As a subscriber, you can only open and view a report if, as a recipient, you have valid user rights in AARO. In this way, an unauthorised user cannot subscribe to a report that is not covered by their access rights.

If a report recipient within your organisation does not use AARO, the subscription feature can still be used. You can then attach a report package as an email attachment (PDF or MS Excel file), instead of via a link. The recipient can then open and read the attachment without an AARO log-in.

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