AARO Academy presents: seven new, easily accessible online trainings in AARO! Book now!

Seven brand new and reworked courses can now be booked on our web.

All the new courses are shorter than before and focus on specific areas within AARO – perfect for everyone who needs to refresh some special knowledge in AARO, and don’t have the time to join a full day course.
AARO Academy - utbildningar i AARO-produkter
For example, some of your end users maybe would appreciate the possibility to join the Company Reporting sessions, while some others need to know more about AARO:s reporting and analysis function, in Analysis – Reports and Excel, or how to improve the reporting process, in the course System Administration – Workflows and reconciliation?

Choose what suits you the best, and book with ease directly on our web.

The seven new courses replace our previous AARO Basic Training and System Administration, and are held twice a month in short sessions to make participation easier.

And don’t worry – Legal in depth and AARO Lease IFRS 16 remain, in the same format as before.

We hope that our efforts to meet today’s needs, and the easier accessibility with shorter sessions, becomes appreciated and rewarding, both for you and your end users.

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