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AARO Group Accounting

When you are new to using AARO as your group consolidation system, this two session’s training will be important to give you an overview of how to handle the group’s consolidation and closing.

The training addresses some of the challenges that might arise in a typical closing process and highlight how AARO comes in to address these challenges. In the training we will go through the modules relevant for the person who is responsible for reporting at group level.

You will learn how to make group adjustments using Journals, how to set up elimination’s rules and how to handle intercompany transactions. After the training you will have the tools required to perform an analysis of the group’s closing to ensure accuracy and completeness in the subsidiaries’ financial statements and in the group adjustments.

AARO Group Accounting I


  • Group’s closing process
  • Consolidation principles in AARO
  • Acquisition and Excess value register


AARO Group Accounting II


  • Journals module – Group adjustments
  • Match & Elimination set up
  • Check Reports for analysing your closing and legal changes


Target group:
You are working with group accounting and know the principles of group consolidation well. You work with group control or the system administration and want to understand the basics of AARO’s group consolidation.

✅ Group Reporters
✅ System Administrators

Time (per day) (CEST):
08:30 am-11:30 am.
Time (per day) (EAT): 09:30 am-12:30 pm.
Time (per day) (GST/Dubai): 10:30 am-1:30 pm.

(Please login to the training session 15 minutes before the start time, to allow time for any technical issues to be resolved.)

When booking, kindly pick a date that doesn’t fall closer than one week from the date of booking. This helps us to know in advance how many training accounts we need for that date and allocate them.

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AARO Group Accounting
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