AARO's Recommendation on Upgrades – AARO & AARO LEASE IFRS 16:

  • We at AARO always recommend you as a customer to upgrade to the latest version (Major and CPV), this to ensure that you take advantage of the latest bug fixes, as well as new functionality.
  • An upgrade to AARO24 is our strong recommendation as we have security updates and feature improvements and bug fixes not available in previous versions.
  • We specifically want to emphasise the reworked Legal Subgroup as dimension logic, which does not work well in AARO22 and AARO23.

 Please note that with the release of AARO24 we no longer maintain AARO23.

Our recommendation is to upgrade to AARO24.

Solved Knows Issues


Solved Known Issues (KI) and new or extended functionality.
Please see also the Release notes for AARO24 for full presentation of new features in AARO, and visit AARO Service Center for the full documentation of solved issues.

AARO24 and AARO Lease IFRS 16

By upgrading to AARO24 you will get the below, and more:

AARO24 will be released in a sequence of releases. The first release has technical changes that will make AARO even safer, and quality assured. The technical changes will not be immediately noticeable for you as a user, but still of great value and a foundation for the future AARO24 releases. In addition, this version holds important feature improvements and bug fixes not released in AARO23.

The first release of AARO24 does not require a delta training. Upgrading to AARO 24.1. is a simple upgrade to get the most recent security and quality improvements – that is a strong incentive to upgrade to 24.1.

Coming up in future releases:

A new, rewritten AARO Lease IFRS 16 will be available – in addition to a new interface the main feature in this release is a new period logic which is now harmonized to work as AARO normal period logic with a dependency only on the Opening balance period. This gives you significantly improved handling and control of contract changes and allows you to perform calculations and consolidation independently in several periods – a game changer for you with many premeasurements.

We will have a new Authentication logic to offer a consistent way to authenticate users in our systems supporting authentication standards and methods such as Azure AD and an increased security in authorization such as Multi Factor Authentication, stricter password policies and the convenience of Single Sign On – a change that your IT department will appreciate.

Solved known issues in AARO24.1.5. (AARO and AARO Lease IFRS 16)

AARO24.1.5. and AARO Lease IFRS 16

An error is shown on retrieving multiple sheets with hidden sheets.

Issue: When retrieving multiple sheets and hidden sheets exist, an error is generated on retrieve ‘All’ or ‘Multiple sheets’ when all sheets are selected.

Release note: Now hidden sheets are not included into retrieve.

Ref. No: 13298

For consolidation, export, import or using bulk edit for a large number of contracts, an error message is presented and some of the actions fail.

Issue: When running a consolidation, exporting, importing, or using bulk edit for many contracts in a period an error may be generated with the explanation in logs “The incoming request has too many parameters. The server supports a maximum of 2100 parameters. Reduce the number of parameters and resend the request. “ This is an unfortunate bieffect of a technical change to improve security. This change limited complex questions to the database which is used in e.g., ordering consolidation and export of Lease contracts.

Release note: There is no good work around for the failed action like consolidation. We decided to patch version 24.1 and fix these areas.

Ref. No: 13254

Automatic consolidation fails when sending a journal with more than 160 companies.

Issue: A consolidation error occurs when sending a journal from Excel with more than 160 companies in one journal with automatic consolidation activated. It is a regression in AARO22.

Release note: Now automatic consolidation works when sending more than 160 companies in one journal.

Ref. No: 13101

Complete and reconciliation of Companies where their joint result should be compared is not working if a condition is set to translate to Group Currency.

Issue: Translation of values to reconcile when a condition is set to be in Group Currency is not done unless Company is explicitly included in the reconciliation rule. The LOC values are incorrectly presented and considered, and violations are therefore not correct when compared to the condition in Group Currency for a rule.

Release note: Reconciliation and complete now works in Group currency on the group level.

Ref. No: 11703.

The Legal Subgroup as dimension logic has been reworked in 24.1 which solves the issues experienced in some CPVs of AARO22 and AARO23.

Problems relate to when a company is sold internally where figures appeared under wrong legal subgroups.

Issue: When a company is sold internally then figures may appear under subgroups OTHER and ELIM instead of the new parent subgroup.

Release note: The Legal subgroups as dimension logic is reworked and show the correct result. Journals used for adjustment can now be removed.

Ref. No: 12564.

Relative period settings do not work well for reports with both relative and static periods.

Issue: There are issues with relative period settings where you have both relative and static periods set up. The static period is fixed for the period index, time series and changes for the year. The static period settings and relativeness often gets broken with multiple time series or when the base period is changed when opening reports.

Release note: Relative period settings now work correctly. If you have reports with relative period settings being broken before the fix, you need to adjust them manually and save the settings.

Ref. No: 9866.

Text and Date dimension values will be hidden in AARO Admin Client.

Issue: Addition to the issue reported in 10307.
There is a performance issue in the AARO Admin client (Windows) when there is a very big amount of Text or Date dimension values (hundreds of thousands). In this case the performance of loading lists for Text or Date dimension in e.g., Edit Dimension is very slow. Performance will be improved by not loading the values in Edit Dimensions nor in lists in Data Entry Journals. We will replace the optional setting configuration to hide values in lists in Data Entry Journals added in 10307 (22 CPV 3 and 23 CPV 1) by always hiding values in lists in Admin client.

Release note: Text and Date dimension values are now always hidden in the Admin (Windows) client, menus Edit Dimensions and Data Entry/Journals. The setting introduced in case 10307 is removed.

Ref. No: 10266.

Web report parameters with ‘Use as parameter’ setting are not filtered by description.

Issue: Web report parameters with the ‘Use as parameter’ setting are not filtered by description in drop-down lists.

Release note: Filtering by description is now applied to parameters with ‘Use as parameter’ setting.

Ref. No: 12608.

Share dimension when used in bookings may cause incorrect translation difference calculation.

Issue: When a dimension set up as share dimension in lease contracts is used in bookings, translation differences may be calculated incorrectly.

Release note: Translation differences are now calculated correctly.

Ref. No: 12441.

The value in presentation (Group) currency for HistoricValue accounts will not display correctly in input if more than one presentation currency is used.

Issue: There is a temporary regression in 24.1.4 (previous 24 versions are not affected) where it is not possible to report for multiple presentation currencies for HistoricValue accounts in a report. If more than one presentation currency is used, the value in presentation currency will not display correctly in input for the HistoricValue accounts.

Release note: Reporting on HistoricValue accounts now works with other currencies.

Ref. No: 13596.

Solved known issues in AARO23 CPV2.4. (AARO and AARO Lease IFRS 16)

AARO23 CPV2.4. and AARO Lease IFRS 16

Contract table field Status does not consider the active depreciation end date.

Issue: Contract table column field Status does not consider the active depreciation end date but the active contract end date only. It shows status Expired by the contract end date even when the depreciation end date has not been reached yet. This is going to be adjusted to consider both dates, the active contract end date and the active depreciation end date.

Release note: Field Status now considers the active depreciation end date.

Ref. No: 12147.

Contract revision can have no contract linked showing UNDEF for contract name.

Issue: A contract revision can be created not linked to any contract showing UNDEF for the contract name due to an issue allowing to create revisions in a closed period. It happens when a contract is edited and saved in a closed period within the same year it is created or has a revision. In this case the new contract revision is created not linked to the contract and showing UNDEF for the contract name in future periods.

Release note: We have fixed the issue with extra revisions not linked to any contract.

Ref. No: 12295.

Calculation of Bookings clears other calculations depending on the setting for LegalType and AcctType in the Bookings setting.

Issue: Calculation of Bookings clears other calculations depending on the setting for LegalType and AcctType in the Bookings setting. When Bookings are calculated all values with Legal Types and Accounting Types participating in the calculation are cleared before Bookings are calculated. If Legal Type and/or Accounting Type are empty in account settings, all entries in any Legal Type and Accounting Type included into the calculation are cleared and only the result from the Bookings remains. If LegalType EL_IC or Goodwill is defined, that Legal Type is cleared and only the result from the Bookings remains. Note, LegalType Input is treated differently since it is not included into the calculation for the System journal.

Release note: Calculation of Bookings now works together with other logic calculation.

Ref. No: 12725.