AARO ESEF Reporting

Create the group’s ESEF-based annual report using AARO ESEF Reporting. The flexible conversion engine makes the process smooth and reusable, year by year.

Readymade XBRL-tagged annual report in a few simple steps

Our ESEF solution is easy to use and has a minimal impact on how you normally work when preparing the annual report.

In a few simple steps, you convert the annual report from PDF format and MS Excel files, into a readymade XHTML file with correct iXBRL tagging, in accordance with the current ESEF standard.

After you once have completed the basic setup in AARO with your preferred structure, you can reuse it in all future ESEF reports.

AARO ESEF rapportering
aaro esef reporting

This is AARO ESEF Reporting

  • Ability to export reports from AARO to MS Excel format, ready to be uploaded to an XHTML/iXBRL conversion engine.

  • A web-based conversion engine, provided by our Danish partner ParsePort, that converts the annual report into an iXBRL-tagged XHTML file, according to the ESEF taxonomy.

  • The conversion time is affected by the amount of data and images, but normally takes less than a minute. Any data discrepancies are highlighted in error reports for correction.

  • The result is a complete annual report that easily read by both humans and computers, ready to be submitted to the relevant authority in a single file.

What is ESEF reporting and what is its purpose?

ESEF (European Single Electronic Format) is a reporting format developed by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

The ESEF Regulation requires all IFRS-based annual reports from listed companies within the EU to be created in XHTML and thereafter XBRL tagged, to enable the financial information to be automatically analysed.

The final product is an annual report which can be read by people and also analysed automatically, to verify that both the ESEF regulation and the current accounting taxonomy are being followed.


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