Newly arrived customers who chose AARO as their group reporting system

Hector Rail is a rail operator and independent rail service provider for the European rail market. Since 2004, they have been operating railways in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and now also in Great Britain. Customers include industrial freight forwarders, forwarding agents, intermodal operators and traditional railway companies.

Midway Holding is a group of nine wholly owned subsidiaries. The conglomerate comprises the business areas of trade (3 companies, including car sales and medals and signets manufacturing) and technology/manufacturing (6 companies, such as the development and manufacture of scaffolding and manufacture/sale of trailers.) The head office is located in Malmoe.

Precise Biometrics is a listed company that develops solutions for smooth and secure identity control. The focus is on two business areas; Fingerprint technology and mobile smart card solutions. In fingerprint technology, they have developed an algorithm for identification on e.g. Cell phones, readers, and smaller devices such as wristband smart clocks. In the smartphone solutions segment, they work with fingerprint identification on ID cards, which are currently used nationally in, for example, Portugal and Thailand.

Quant, formerly ABB Full Service, has been the market leader in industrial maintenance for 25 years, implementing improvements of safety practices and performance optimization and maintenance of production and equipment. They operate globally and have ongoing missions in more than 300 different industrial plants worldwide.

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