AARO education news from AARO Academy! AARO Legal In-depth is back!

Are you working with the acquisition register in AARO and want to learn more in the area? Welcome to attend our new AARO Legal In-depth training.

This training is suitable for you who want to know more about the legal logic and get a deeper understanding of how legal consolidation is done in AARO.

The course is structured in 4 different modules, covering the areas: 

  1. Acquisition of subsidiary and Step Acquisitions (4 h)
  2. Divestment (4 h)
  3. Mergers (4 h)
  4. Acquisition of Groups and impairment of shares (4 h)

The training is in smaller modules, 4 hours long each. You don’t need to attend the whole training of 4 half-days in a row – you can for example choose to take module 1-2 in September, and the rest in November, if you like.

Upcoming training opportunities are in September (20th-23rd) and November (16th-19th) 2021.

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