2011 – a boom year

As we summarise 2011, it is pleasing to note that we continue to win market shares. During the year, 16 new groups have chosen AARO as their consolidation solution, which makes more than 90 groups and over 8,000 users that now employ AARO for group accounting and consolidation.

Our clients range from major global corporations with operations in hundreds of countries to medium-sized and small groups with all their subsidiaries in Sweden or the Nordic Region.

One major reason for the successes is that we can deliver a complete, turnkey system that does not require several hundred consulting hours before being used in production – there is a possible need to complement it with new accounts and certain parameter settings to suit the client’s specific wishes, but this is something clients often do without consulting input.

A standard system with high-level flexibility is unique. It is usually a case of choosing either a rigid standard system or a flexible system that is consulting-intensive.

AARO is a complete system containing everything from reporting-in, to high performance consolidation engines, to standard reports and analysis to drilldown in a single software product. Analysis comes as standard, with the same capacity as different OLAP tools, but directly accessible in the consolidation system!

We have eliminated the disadvantages of traditional OLAP while achieving the same analytical ability and requiring no or minimal training. In addition, there are no loading times and downtimes – the follow-up model is available all the time and in real time; all the reports have built-in drilldown in arbitrary dimensions (we have several clients with more than 20 dimensions).

With AARO, you can consolidate easier, faster and more transparently than with any other system on the market.

Kind regards,
Jörgen Persson
CEO, Aaro Systems AB

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